It’s funny how the Universe sends us messages in unexpected ways!

Not too long ago I was walking down the escalator at Macy’s and I noticed a mom walking with her son; the only reason I noticed the pair was because the son was wearing a nice hat that I would not mind owning myself. After giving his fashion statement an internal seal of approval, I turned my head and did not give it a second thought. A few seconds later I asked my friend to walk with me one block away to Mrs. Fields cookie’s aka the store that will keep me from my summer bikini mission! Hell, who am I kidding?! It’s the store that has kept me from my summer bikini mission! I digress! As we were walking towards the store with the chocolate goodness inside; I overheard a woman in a very stern voice say, “If you are already ready then you don’t have to get ready.” Wow! I thought to myself I have not heard that phrase in a long time. As I was internally agreeing with that statement it brought me back to the very first time that I heard it.

I was watching one of my favorite movies, The Pursuit of Happiness! As I was watching the special features on the DVD one of the actors commented on Will Smith’s work ethics. Will Smith always came to the set totally prepared knowing his lines, in character, and ready for the scene that was going to be shot for the day. The actor always admired this about Will Smith and inquired how come he is always prepared? Will Smith responded by saying, “If you are already ready then you have don’t to get ready”. Wow! What an amazing analogy. Other than the Pursuit of Happiness being an excellent movie about perseverance I also took away from it a great affirmation to live by as well.

Now back to my pursuit of Mrs. Fields, I mean back to the story at hand. As my friend and I were approaching our destination, my brief trip down memory lane was interrupted by the same woman’s voice this time in repetition saying, “Stay ready, Stay ready, Stay ready.” This went on for at least a minute. As my friend and I were walking into Mrs. Fields she repeated her previous statement again by saying, “If you already ready then you don’t have to get ready.”

I turned to see who it was and it was the same mother and son duo from Macy’s. My friend looked at me and said, “I wonder what she was talking about?” But I was thinking more on the lines of who the message was for? If this message was meant for me, my friend or both of us then what was coming our way that we needed to get ready or even stay ready for? I started to wonder are we ready for our deepest wishes to be answered? Are we prepared to receive the very thing or things that our hearts have wished for?

Often times we want, pray and work towards specific things that we would like to have in our lives. Whether its children, a loving relationship, a new job, a new home or even a new car. But are we preparing ourselves to receive these gifts?


I will end this little chat stew right here! But until we meet again do me a favor and ponder the above questions and see if they fit into the context of your own lives. Let me know if you have an AHA moment or a WTF response! Either way share I would love to hear from you!


Queen Alice!

I hope you enjoy my little post. It was written at the start of the New Year. Although there is no longer snow on the ground; I want you to imagine that there is and get lost with me in wonderland!

The first blizzard of 2011 covered my new city with such a fierce creativity that I had no other choice but to stop and admired its artistry. Walking 6 blocks home in a foot of snow would have made me the Grinch of the New Year but this time I enjoyed the slow movement I was making. Funny, I thought to myself, “I love walking this way”. This new way of walking slow and steady, completely aware of where I was going and enjoying the journey! Could it be that the older you get the wiser you become? In my opinion that is not necessarily true. I do know and have known some undoubtedly rude and belligerent older humans. But in defense of myself; wiser is what I am becoming. In less than a month I will be celebrating 30 something (you thought you were going to get me! I’ll never tell!) of the most craziest, fun, sad, confused, erotic, embarrassing, wondrous, adventurous, life altering and a few FUCKED up years of life on this planet. But yet in still I smile and I am welcome with open arms my new badge of honor. With my new badge I will be allowed access to any adventure I damn well please!!!!!! In fact, it was nine years ago when my current adventure started. It was in the year 2002, when I moved to my new city and instantly took on the role of Alice in Wonderland. I was thirsty upon my arrival I came across a most peculiar bottle. It was ornate in nature and deceptively similar of something that I have once sampled before. It had a cute little note attached to it that read, “DRINK ME”! So I did! needless to say, I became too small.

Working through my vertical challenge with each passing day I became strong and in 2004 hungry for change. It was then I found a piece of candy that said, “EAT ME”! So I did! My growth was evident to me and everyone around me. I was being complemented daily on how much I had grown. I became too large for the petty and mindless situations that would have previously consumed me. When 2006 blew through me like a breath of fresh air. Something strange occurred! I switched roles. I became the rabbit! Yelling I AM LATE! I AM LATE! Running down crowded city blocks to reach my next destination. The hustle and bustle of my new city had now become my daily routine and I loved it! Now, my friends the switch has happened yet again. It’s 2011 and albeit the year of the rabbit. I have assumed the role of ALICE once more! This time I have gone through the Looking Glass. This year I anticipate meeting the great Humpty Dumpty, walking through the garden of live flowers, hearing the great poem of the “JABBERWOCKY” and last but not least crowned Queen Alice! I write all this to say find your adventure in 2011! Assume the roles of your greatest childhood heroes and heroines and ignite your imagination!


DISCLAIMER: Reading this blog will induce extreme amounts of common sense as well as an innate sense of purpose. The names of the people on this blog have been change for a few reasons:

ONE: Half the people who I mention I know and consider my friends and would like to continue to do so.

TWO: The other half of the equation have received name changes due to the fact or should I say my belief, that they are total douche bags and I would not glorify their existence by giving them acknowledgment on my blog other than to highlight their stupidity and use them as examples of what NOT to do. Oh wait!! This blog is geared towards a little enlightenment and spirituality! In that case I should not have said that! Let me rephrase. What I meant to say is that the other half of the equation have received name changes due to the fact that they are spiritual beings who have not yet seemed to grasp the concepts of compassion, patience, humbleness, courage or understanding and live currently within their shadow self and at times can be total douche bags!

There will be various kinds of humor used to get my point across such as dry, sarcastic, slap stick, and slightly naughty! I only ask that you have a quick wit and an uncanny sense of humor when reading this blog. If you do not have wit or sense of humor I encourage you to get one soon or you will be totally lost not only in reading this blog but in life! May I add … significantly disappointed!

Albeit this is a somewhat philosophical and spiritual blog there will be some occasional profanity. Why you ask? Well, it’s simple. Because I curse and although I am trying to eliminate certain words from my vocabulary as I proceed on my road to enlightenment. I am just not ready to eliminate shit, f@ck and dammit or WTF. Maybe I will give them up next year for Lent!

If you are reading this blog and come to the conclusion that I am a perfect a human being. And I am here to give you all the answers to the universe. I would like to say thank you, flattery will get you absolutely everywhere with me. However, at the risk of gravely disappointing you, it is my duty to inform you that I am not perfect, but rather I am here merely trying to perfect.

At the end of the day! Just laugh and enjoy this bumpy ride called LIFE!