DISCLAIMER: Reading this blog will induce extreme amounts of common sense as well as an innate sense of purpose. The names of the people on this blog have been change for a few reasons:

ONE: Half the people who I mention I know and consider my friends and would like to continue to do so.

TWO: The other half of the equation have received name changes due to the fact or should I say my belief, that they are total douche bags and I would not glorify their existence by giving them acknowledgment on my blog other than to highlight their stupidity and use them as examples of what NOT to do. Oh wait!! This blog is geared towards a little enlightenment and spirituality! In that case I should not have said that! Let me rephrase. What I meant to say is that the other half of the equation have received name changes due to the fact that they are spiritual beings who have not yet seemed to grasp the concepts of compassion, patience, humbleness, courage or understanding and live currently within their shadow self and at times can be total douche bags!

There will be various kinds of humor used to get my point across such as dry, sarcastic, slap stick, and slightly naughty! I only ask that you have a quick wit and an uncanny sense of humor when reading this blog. If you do not have wit or sense of humor I encourage you to get one soon or you will be totally lost not only in reading this blog but in life! May I add … significantly disappointed!

Albeit this is a somewhat philosophical and spiritual blog there will be some occasional profanity. Why you ask? Well, it’s simple. Because I curse and although I am trying to eliminate certain words from my vocabulary as I proceed on my road to enlightenment. I am just not ready to eliminate shit, f@ck and dammit or WTF. Maybe I will give them up next year for Lent!

If you are reading this blog and come to the conclusion that I am a perfect a human being. And I am here to give you all the answers to the universe. I would like to say thank you, flattery will get you absolutely everywhere with me. However, at the risk of gravely disappointing you, it is my duty to inform you that I am not perfect, but rather I am here merely trying to perfect.

At the end of the day! Just laugh and enjoy this bumpy ride called LIFE!


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