What is an Elusive Butterfly?!

This will be my forum to examine, rant, or just light heartily talk about my experiences as I go through life. Most importantly my life in the New City chasing Serendipitous Divination Arcana better known as The Elusive butterfly. My little fluttery friend has many faces such as love, career, finances, joyful experiences (by joyful experiences, I mean the equivalent of being Charlie and finding the golden wrapper to allow entrance into Wonka’s factory) and the occasional look behind the mighty wizard’s curtain kind of revelations.

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It’s funny how the Universe sends us messages in unexpected ways!

Not too long ago I was walking down the escalator at Macy’s and I noticed a mom walking with her son; the only reason I noticed the pair was because the son was wearing a nice hat that I would not mind owning myself. After giving his fashion statement an internal seal of approval, I turned my head and did not give it a second thought. A few seconds later I asked my friend to walk with me one block away to Mrs. Fields cookie’s aka the store that will keep me from my summer bikini mission! Hell, who am I kidding?! It’s the store that has kept me from my summer bikini mission! I digress! As we were walking towards the store with the chocolate goodness inside; I overheard a woman in a very stern voice say, “If you are already ready then you don’t have to get ready.” Wow! I thought to myself I have not heard that phrase in a long time. As I was internally agreeing with that statement it brought me back to the very first time that I heard it.

I was watching one of my favorite movies, The Pursuit of Happiness! As I was watching the special features on the DVD one of the actors commented on Will Smith’s work ethics. Will Smith always came to the set totally prepared knowing his lines, in character, and ready for the scene that was going to be shot for the day. The actor always admired this about Will Smith and inquired how come he is always prepared? Will Smith responded by saying, “If you are already ready then you have don’t to get ready”. Wow! What an amazing analogy. Other than the Pursuit of Happiness being an excellent movie about perseverance I also took away from it a great affirmation to live by as well.

Now back to my pursuit of Mrs. Fields, I mean back to the story at hand. As my friend and I were approaching our destination, my brief trip down memory lane was interrupted by the same woman’s voice this time in repetition saying, “Stay ready, Stay ready, Stay ready.” This went on for at least a minute. As my friend and I were walking into Mrs. Fields she repeated her previous statement again by saying, “If you already ready then you don’t have to get ready.”

I turned to see who it was and it was the same mother and son duo from Macy’s. My friend looked at me and said, “I wonder what she was talking about?” But I was thinking more on the lines of who the message was for? If this message was meant for me, my friend or both of us then what was coming our way that we needed to get ready or even stay ready for? I started to wonder are we ready for our deepest wishes to be answered? Are we prepared to receive the very thing or things that our hearts have wished for?

Often times we want, pray and work towards specific things that we would like to have in our lives. Whether its children, a loving relationship, a new job, a new home or even a new car. But are we preparing ourselves to receive these gifts?


I will end this little chat stew right here! But until we meet again do me a favor and ponder the above questions and see if they fit into the context of your own lives. Let me know if you have an AHA moment or a WTF response! Either way share I would love to hear from you!