Queen Alice!

I hope you enjoy my little post. It was written at the start of the New Year. Although there is no longer snow on the ground; I want you to imagine that there is and get lost with me in wonderland!

The first blizzard of 2011 covered my new city with such a fierce creativity that I had no other choice but to stop and admired its artistry. Walking 6 blocks home in a foot of snow would have made me the Grinch of the New Year but this time I enjoyed the slow movement I was making. Funny, I thought to myself, “I love walking this way”. This new way of walking slow and steady, completely aware of where I was going and enjoying the journey! Could it be that the older you get the wiser you become? In my opinion that is not necessarily true. I do know and have known some undoubtedly rude and belligerent older humans. But in defense of myself; wiser is what I am becoming. In less than a month I will be celebrating 30 something (you thought you were going to get me! I’ll never tell!) of the most craziest, fun, sad, confused, erotic, embarrassing, wondrous, adventurous, life altering and a few FUCKED up years of life on this planet. But yet in still I smile and I am welcome with open arms my new badge of honor. With my new badge I will be allowed access to any adventure I damn well please!!!!!! In fact, it was nine years ago when my current adventure started. It was in the year 2002, when I moved to my new city and instantly took on the role of Alice in Wonderland. I was thirsty upon my arrival I came across a most peculiar bottle. It was ornate in nature and deceptively similar of something that I have once sampled before. It had a cute little note attached to it that read, “DRINK ME”! So I did! needless to say, I became too small.

Working through my vertical challenge with each passing day I became strong and in 2004 hungry for change. It was then I found a piece of candy that said, “EAT ME”! So I did! My growth was evident to me and everyone around me. I was being complemented daily on how much I had grown. I became too large for the petty and mindless situations that would have previously consumed me. When 2006 blew through me like a breath of fresh air. Something strange occurred! I switched roles. I became the rabbit! Yelling I AM LATE! I AM LATE! Running down crowded city blocks to reach my next destination. The hustle and bustle of my new city had now become my daily routine and I loved it! Now, my friends the switch has happened yet again. It’s 2011 and albeit the year of the rabbit. I have assumed the role of ALICE once more! This time I have gone through the Looking Glass. This year I anticipate meeting the great Humpty Dumpty, walking through the garden of live flowers, hearing the great poem of the “JABBERWOCKY” and last but not least crowned Queen Alice! I write all this to say find your adventure in 2011! Assume the roles of your greatest childhood heroes and heroines and ignite your imagination!